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Filling machine 12 piston rotary


This machine is used for filling thick liquids such as mayonnaise , ketchup T tomato paste and oil .

Filling system is based on piston filter . the nozzles are leading to the containers and filling from down to up .

if required , different types of slopes and pads would be used . the simple slope is used for filling different kind of mayonnaises and the vibratory slope for filling ketchup and paste with ability of evacuate the bubbles .

The nozzles can easily open for washing and cleaning .

The valve body are made of stain less steel 316 . they are manufactured by an accurate moulding procedure .

The sealing part of cylinders and valves are made of silicon , that is the important6 point in food and hygienic industries .

Max speed : 100 containers per minute


Accurate casting of stell/easy CIP

Step slope to evacuate bulbs

Easy adjustment of capacity 100-100 cc

Adjustment of accurate capacity

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